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The Beginning

Ferriby Marine was first established in the UK by Captain Graham Botterill, in the latter part of 1990 to offer a broad range of consultancy services to the Marine Industry. From the start, Quality Management and Safety Management have been core activities. Australia was one the first countries in Ferriby marine early expansion.

The Development of the ISM Code

Appointed specialist advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on ‘Science and Technology’ during their enquiry in ‘Ship Safety and Design’, in 1992, Ferriby Marine was appointed by the International Chamber of Shipping and the International Shipping Federation to produce the Guidelines on the Application of the IMO’s International Safety Management Code for the ’Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention’ – the ISM Code.


Ferriby Marine offers consultancy, training and auditing and assists organisations around the World, to develop documented Management Systems which meet the requirements of various ISO Standards (Quality, Environmental, Safety and Supply Chain Security), IMO Code (ISM & ISPS) and National Maritime Safety Standards such as the Australian NSCV-Part E. We have assisted over 1000 organisations around the World to achieve compliance with these Standards and Codes.

Other sectors where Ferriby Marine is involved include health, defence, construction, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, resorts and the diving industry to name a few.