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NSCV Part E Intensive Training Course

Course Duration

3 Days

Course Objectives

  • Receive a plain English interpretation of the NSCV Part E Regulations and how this is put into practice;
  • Understand the history, requirements and implications of the NSCV, including legal implications;
  • Understand the basis and need for Safety Management System (SMS);
  • Increase your understanding of the various types of SMS and how they conform to the regulations;
  • Understand the requirements for on board operations and emergency planning and response within an SMS;
  • Understand the record-keeping requirements of the NSCV Part E;
  • Plan, perform and report on audits relating to the NSCV;
  • Auditing and inspection skills, including operational monitoring;
  • Understand corrective and preventive action and identify non-conformances and observations;
  • Understand the importance of verification, review and evaluation of SMS's;
  • Undertake risk assessments of routine activities on board;
  • Understand how a risk register should be documented and managed;
  • Real life scenarios - developing, implementing, managing and reviewing risk assessments; and
  • A full review of an existing SMS (currently being used), and completion of a mock audit situation.