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ISM Auditing

Ferriby Marine have fully qualified Auditors who have sea going and shore side experience to ensure you receive the best Quality Audit possible. Captain Graham Botterill who was very influential in the creation of the ISM Code and has distilled his knowledge and importance of ISM into the Audit Teams has trained all of our Auditors. Ferriby Marine can help whether it is a Company Initial DOC audit, a Vessel initial SMC Audit or just annual verification.

ISO Auditing

Ferriby Marine Consultants have a wide range of IRCA approved Lead Auditors in 9001, 14001 & 45001 and are able to assist you in preparing for ISO Certification by carrying out Internal Audits within your company or Supplier audits. This is not just for Pre-Certification audits but can help improve your system and processes, along with providing any advice you may find helpful.