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ISPS Services

Ferriby Marine have been involved in the ISPS Code since it was implemented. Being one of the first companies to provide an IMO syllabus approved Training course for Ship Companies and Port Facility Security Officers.

Ferriby Marine have the experience and resources to provide you with the most effective training, surveys or audits as well as writing Security Plans to ensure compliance and secure operations which do not hinder your business.

We provide the following services:

  • Ship Security Plan Design & Development
  • Ship Security Plan Assessment
  • Vessel ISSC Audit
  • Port Facility Security Plan Design & Development
  • Port Facility Security Plan Assessment
  • Ship Security Plan Approval on behalf of Flag States
  • Approved Training Services Worldwide
  • RSO for a number of Flags, including Panama and PNG
  • Independent audits of Port Facilities
  • Independent audits of vessels

Whatever your needs are relating to the ISPS Code and Ship / Port Security, we can provide services to meet these needs. We have auditors available Worldwide to meet your requirements.