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Pre-Port State Control Inspections

Port state control (PSC) is an inspection regime for countries to inspect foreign-registered ships in port other than those of the flag state and take action against ships that are not in compliance.

If your ship is in working order, compliant with all legislation and safe, you will be complying with PSC requirements. If your ship is not, you may not pass a PSC inspection, and you may be required to pay fees for a more detailed inspection and/or you may be detained. The shipowners and flag States are responsible for the safety and operation of a ship, PSC is a method of checking that you comply.

Reduce your risk of non-compliance by undertaking pre-Port State Control inspections. These pre-inspections can identify areas of actual, or potential, non-compliance, giving your vessel and crew the ability to rectify prior to a formal inspection by the flag state. This is a proven method for reducing delay time and costs, as well as other costs that may be incurred such as fines.

Our auditors are all trained in Quality Management Systems, ISM Code, ISPS Code and other maritime codes and regulations, and are well-versed in port state control inspections. Contact us for an obligation free quote for your vessels.

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